Prov. 6:16-19

Man thinks that because God is longsuffering with the sinner, He really must not hate his sin all that much. (Ps. 50:21).

Outside of the grace of God, very person is an atheist by nature, because while he acknowledges that there is a God, he denies God's power, presence and justice, and has his own concept of God.

Every sinner has convinced himself that God doesn'T hate his sin as much as the preacher says He does.

God hates every sin, and can never be reconciled to it, but those sins that are listed here are especially hateful to the Lord.

let's consider seven evils that are especially detestable to the Great God of the universe.


A. The proud person loves himself and hates God. Prov. 8:13.

1. The proud person loves evil company, evil worship, evil doctrines, and an evil lifestyle.

2. The proud person thinks too highly of himself, speaks too well of himself, looks on others with contempt, and thinks he is going to get to heaven by his own self-righteous actions.

3. It is the height of arrogance for a person to think he can get to heaven without repenting of his sin, and believing on Jesus Christ who suffered and died in order to save sinners from their sin. Ps. 10:4.

B. The Lord gives a parable that reveals the attitude of the person that is proud.
Lk. 18:9-14.

C. There are a number of accounts in Scripture where we see the Lord dealing with proud people.

1. The Lord dealt severely with proud Pharaoh. Ex. 9:13-16.

2. Proud Haman was hanged on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Es. 7:10.

3. Proud Nebuchadnezzar was put out to pasture. Daniel. 4:27-33.

- Notice the attitude of Nebuchadnezzar after the Lord had humbled his proud heart.
vv. 34-37.

4. The Lord judged proud King Herod when he accepted the glory that should have been directed to God alone. Acts 12:21-23.

D. The Lord can and will humble those who will not bow before Him in humility.
Prov. 16:18.

E. The Lord gives grace to those that seek Him, but He resists those that are proud, self-sufficient, and feel that they are more spiritual than others. Jas. 4:6-10.

- Pride is listed first here because it is at the source and instigator of many other sins.


A. Next to a proud look, there is nothing that the Lord hates more than a LYING TONGUE. Prov. 12:22.

1. A lie is an intentional violation of truth.

2. We live in a day when it doesn'T bother most people to tell a lie, but lying is emphatically condemned in the Scripture.

3. A lie is when a person willingly and knowingly speaks a falsehood with the intention of deceiving others.

B. A liar closely resembles the devil, who is the father of lies. Jn. 8:44.

C. Those who teach false doctrine are an abomination to God.

1. As the God of truth, false doctrine is contrary to His nature.

2. It is contrary to the truth of the Gospel that God has given us.

3. It is contrary to God's Son, who is truth itself.

4. And it is contrary to the Spirit of truth, which leads us into all truth.

D. God's hatred of the lying tongue is seen in His severe judgment on this sin.

1. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, was afflicted with leprosy because of the lies he told to his master. II Kings 5:25-27.

2. Because Ananias and Sapphira lied to God about their giving, they both met a tragic death. Acts 5:1-11.

3. The habitual liar will suffer the eternal torments of hell. Rev. 21:8.

a. This includes all that are liars with their tongue.

b. And it also includes those hypocrites who live a lie.


- He hates 'Hands that shed innocent blood?(v. 17).

A. As God hates a lying tongue, so He hates HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD, because they have in them the devil's image, and do his service.

1. From the beginning the devil was a liar and a murderer. Jn. 8:44.

2. Man is created in the image of God; therefore, anyone that maliciously takes a man's life should be executed. Gen. 9:6.

3. The Lord will certainly deal very severely with those who are guilty of killing all the innocent babies in the abortion clinics around the world.

B. There are many accounts of bloodthirsty men in the Word of God.

1. Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve was guilty of this grievous sin. Gen. 4:8-12.

2. Because Manassah, king of Judah, had shed much innocent blood and had turned the people to idols, God promised that He would come in judgment. II Kings 21:15-16.

3. God's judgment would fall upon the bloodthirsty Jews for killing the prophets, and others that were sent to witness to them. Mt. 23:31-38.

a. Later, the Jews were guilty of killing their own Messiah.
Mt. 27:26-36.

b. In performing this dastardly deed, these wicked men were actually doing what God had determined before to be done in order to purchase our salvation. Acts 2:22-24.

4. The self-righteous Jewish counsel became so enraged at Stephen when he accused them of killing their own Messiah, that they stoned him to death. Acts 7:48-60.


He hates, ?a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations?(v. 18).

A. The unregenerate heart is mentioned here in the midst of all these things that God hates, because IT IS THE SOURCE of all wicked thoughts and schemes. Jer. 17:9.

1. Every evil thought and plan against both God and man, originate in the heart. Prov. 6:14.

2. All evil thoughts and habits, all wickedness, errors and heresies, come from the heart. Mt. 15:19.

B. God will deal very severely with those who continue in their rebellious schemes.

1. The people before the flood were either planning or practicing wickedness, and this brought the judgment of God. Gen. 6:5-7.

2. The people of Sodom were determined to practice their perverted lifestyle, and this brought the judgment of God. Gen. 19:24-26.

3. Peter warns of false teachers that bring God's judgment down upon themselves because of their wicked schemes. II Pet. 2:1, 14.

C. Only the Lord can change the sinner'l heart.

1. man's heart deceives him in respect to sin.

2. It portrays sin as pleasure, but what it gives is short-lived, and ends in misery and death.

3. The man with a deceitful heart tries to deceive God Himself, but cannot.

4. He seeks to deceive others, and is always deceived himself.

5. When a person is born again of the Spirit of God, he is given a new heart. Jn. 3:3-8.

a. His heart is renewed by the Spirit and grace of God. Ezek. 36:26.

b. The believer is called a ?new man,' because he receives new life, new light, and a new will. Eph. 4:24.

c. He shows new affections, has new desires, and his heart is filled with peace and joy. II Cor. 5:17.


He hates 'Feet that be swift in running to mischief?(v. 18).

A. Those that reject the Lord are drawn to the wicked devices of the world. Prov. 1:16.

1. They love sin and hate God.

2. They are carried away by their vile affections and evil desires.

3. They are enticed by Satan, and rush headlong into judgment and eternal punishment.

B. Man, left to himself, has the potential to commit the vilest atrocity. ? This is illustrated by the actions of false prophets. Isa. 59:7.

1. We can certainly see the depravity of the unregenerate heart in the devilish actions of the terrorists around the world.

2. The two snipers in and around Washington D.C. were bent on killing as many innocent people as possible.

? The sniper that plagued the Columbus, Ohio area was bent on causing havoc to a city, a state, and a nation.

3. Depravity is seen in the violent actions of the two teenage boys that killed their playmate out in Washington State.

4. There is the man that killed his family members and put them in coffins in his house out in California.

C. Parents need to point their children to the Lord, and take them to church, because they are born with a depraved nature.

1. The word of God is very clear in revealing the corrupt state of mankind in general. Rom. 3:10-18, 23.

2. There is none righteous, but those who have repented of their sins and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 5:6, 8; 6:23; 10:9-10, 13.

3. The believer has the righteousness of Christ imputed to him, and his heart has been changed by the Spirit of God.


He hates, ?a false witness that speaketh lies...'(v. 19).

A. This is the sin of bearing false witness against your neighbor, which is forbidden by the ninth commandment. Ex. 20:16.

1. It is a sin to make a false statement about a person in a court of law.

2. It is a sin to damage a person's reputation by making false charges against him in public.

3. It is a sin to injure a person's character by tale bearing, backbiting, or telling lies about him in private.

B. To slander someone is one of the greatest of social curses.

1. There cannot be a greater insult to God than to knowingly speak lies of Him or of His people.

2. It is almost impossible for a person to defend himself against those that slander his reputation.

3. Those that slander others rob them of their reputation, and destroy the loving confidence of their friends.

C. Those that slander others with their tongue shall not go unpunished. Prov. 19:5.

1. There are seven things that God hates, and lying involves two of them.

2. This sin is right up there with the sins of adultery, murder, and thievery.

3. The sovereign God of the universe 'Is a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is He?(Deut. 32:4).

4. He is ?a God that cannot lie?(Tit. 1:2).

5. The punishment of those that go forth speaking lies shall not only be certain, but it will bring about their utter ruin'They shall perish.
Prov. 19:9; Rev. 21:8; 22:15.

6. God killed the false prophet Hananiah because he prophesied lies to the people of God. Jer. 28:15-17.

7. The Lord warns that there will be false prophets in our day, but they shall bring about their own destruction. II Pet. 2:1-9.


He hates the person 'That soweth discord among the brethren?(v. 19).

A. There is a double warning from God to those that seek to cause division by their malicious gossip and opinions. Prov. 6:14, 19.

B. The Lord blesses those that dwell together in unity. Ps. 133:1-3.

C. Those that cause division among the brethren for their own selfish ambitions will be severely dealt with by the Lord.

1. This is illustrated in the account where the Lord came in judgment on Korah and his wicked companions who sought to cause the people to rebel against Moses and Aaron. Numbers 16:1-3, 19-35.

2. As believers and members of one of the Lord'l churches, we are warned to avoid those that would cause divisions among the brethren. Rom. 16:17-18.


1. These seven things that God hates serve to show the moral depravity of the world, and the absolute purity of God.

2. As believers, we are to live our lives in a way that brings glory to our Lord.

3. We are the light of the world. Mt. 5:14-16; Phil. 2:15).

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